Chimerica Episode 2 Tonight 9pm on Channel 4

Be sure to catch the second episode of Channel 4’s geopolitical thriller, Chimerica, tonight at 9pm.


The 4 part drama adapted by Lucy Kirkwood from her award-winning play is directed by Michael Keillor, with Sound Design by Anna Bertmark and features Lobo Chan, Nancy Crane and Philip Arditti.


“It’s a strikingly intelligent drama, capturing big ideas without sacrificing story or character, and making the personal political and back again – particularly in the scenes set in China.”


“It, unexpectedly and thrillingly, makes you care anew about issues that sometimes seem too large and ineffable to grapple with. It is a miracle of distillation and animation.”

- Lucy Mangan, The Guardian


All four episodes are now streaming on All 4. Watch the first episode here.

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