Permissions and Estates

We receive many requests to reproduce extracts from works by our clients in works written or edited by other authors. These are generally described as “permissions”. There is a minimum fee of £100 (plus VAT if applicable).

You may apply for permission via post to United Agents Ltd, 12-26 Lexington Street, London, W1F 0LE or via email ( If at all possible, please address the enquiry directly to the assistant of the author’s agent as detailed on this website. 

Regrettably, however, we cannot accept telephone enquiries about permissions. Please note that although all requests are dealt with as quickly as possible, due to the enormous number of requests we receive it is important to apply as far ahead of your deadline as you can.

For all permissions not in the English language please contact

Please use the permissions application form below and send it to the appropriate agent as listed below.


Olivia Davies: 

Caroline Dawney:

Ariella Feiner:

Jim Gill:

Millie Hoskins

Molly Jamieson:

Aeneas Gunn


Laura Macdougall:          

Zoe Ross:

Sophie Scard:

Rosemary Scoular:

Emily Talbot:


We will only process permission requests that are submitted in this way:

United Agents Author’s First Name 


United Agents Author’s Surname 


Name of Work 



Name of Requestor 


Company of requestor 


Registered Address 



Email address 


Title of work in which extract is to be used 


Author of new work 


Publisher of new work 


Publication date of new work 



Type of work (e.g. book, musical, illustration) 


Territory of publication 


Language of publication 


Context (How will the work be used?) 




Word count (PROSE) 


Line count (POETRY) 




Page size of ILLUSTRATIONS (please specify, full, half or quarter page?) 


Description of/ copy of image requested 


Colour or Black and White ILLUSTRATIONS 


Print run of new publication 


Retail price of new publication 


Formats you will publish in (HB, PB, e-book, website etc.) 


United Agents Illustrator First Name 


United Agents Illustrator Surname 


Name of copyrighted work 


Name of Requestor 




Official registered address 




Title of Theatre production in which extract is to be used 






Performance date 


Number of performances 


Name and address of theatre, including postcode 


Ticket price 


Capacity of theatre (no of seats, standing room) 


Number of illustrations 


Where the illustrations will be used (what size, what number printed in each) 


Colour or Black and White illustrations? 


Retail price (for programmes, etc) 


Do you require website use as well? (Be forewarned that the price is significantly higher if you add digital use) 



Please note: due to the high number of permission requests we receive, you should expect the request to take at least six weeks to be processed. We kindly ask you to bear this in mind when submitting your request.