Foreign Rights / Sub Agents

We are delighted to say that Georgie will be returning from maternity leave on Friday (1st December), we are very much looking forward to welcoming her back. With that in mind we wanted to let you know how we will divide titles within FR, and it is mainly reverting back to a clear divide by genre in major territories, and then we divide the smaller territories amongst us and look after the entire list in these places. Alex will also now start to go direct in the Baltics and Ukraine (after giving sufficient notice to our sub agents)

The Foreign Rights team works across all territories, you can find out who to be in touch with below regarding translation rights. For any general queries, please email and the right person will be in touch as soon as possible.

Georgina Le Grice (Foreign Rights Agent) will handle non-fiction (excluding The School of Life list) in all key territories as well as all titles in Korea*, complex and simplified Chinese*, Japanese* and Denmark

Amy Mitchell (Foreign Rights Agent) will handle commercial fiction in all the key territories (The Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy), as well as all titles in Poland, Portuguese in Portugal, Portuguese in Brazil and Norway.

Alex Stephens (Rights Executive) will handle fantasy and sci-fi fiction and The School of Life list in all key territories as well as all titles in Baltics, Greece, Finland, Romania*, the Indian sub-continent, Indonesia*, Malaysia*, Vietnam, Russia*, Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, Turkey*, Israel

Jane Willis (Agent) will handle all literary fiction in all key territories, children’s rights in all territories, as well as all titles in Spanish, Sweden, Croatia*, Hungary*, Albania*, Bulgaria*, Czech Republic*, Macedonia*, Serbia*, Slovakia*, Slovenia*

Lily Down will hand all titles in Icelandic (direct) and Arabic (direct)

We work directly in the majority of territories but also work with the following sub-agents: Foreign Rights - Sub Agents

*denotes where we use a sub-agent.


Foreign Rights - Sub Agents


We work directly in the majority of territories and with the following co-agents: 



ANA Beijing Contact: Jackie Huang, Vicky Wen

ANA Taiwan  Contact: Whitney Hsu


Croatian and Hungarian

Katai & Bolza  Contact: Petra Olah Petra@kataibolza.huOrsi Meszaros



Eric Yang Agency Contact: Jackie Yang


Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian

The Van Lear Agency Contact: Julie Demchenko


Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian

ANA Sofia Contact: Kamelia Emilova


Czech, Slovak and Slovene

ANA Prague Contact: Jitka Němečková


Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese  

Maxima Creative Agency Contact: Santo Manurung



The English Agency (Japan) Ltd.  Contact: Hamish Macaskill


Tuttle-Mori Japan Contact: Misa Morikawa


Japan Uni Contact: Miko Yamanouchi​



Simona Kessler & Associates Agency Ltd.  Contact: Simona Kessler



Anatolialit Agency Contact: Cansu Canseven


Jane is responsible for handling all children’s books in all languages. She works directly in the same territories as Georgie, Amy and Alex and with the same co-agents listed above with the following exceptions:


Eric Yang Agency  Contact: Jackie Yang



ANA Sofia  Contact: Kamelia Emilova


Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian 

Synopsis Agency Contact: Anastasya Markova


If you have a general query about any of our titles please do contact us at: