Julie Tudor is Not a Psychopath pre-empted by Hodder Fiction

Announced in the Bookseller today, the debut novel by Jennifer Holdich, Julie Tudor is Not a Psychopath, has been pre-empted by Phoebe Morgan at Hodder Fiction in a two book deal. Julie will be published in Spring 2025.


Julie Tudor is 49 and has it all: a fantastic job (well-maintained spreadsheets are the lynchpin of an efficient office), a beautiful house (some may wonder how she got the money for it, but nothing has been proved) and the man of her dreams. Sean is 25 and the love of Julie’s life. The only problem is, he thinks he’s in love with someone else. But Julie has found herself in a similar situation before. And if there’s one thing Julie knows, it’s how to get rid of the competition...

After all, what’s a little murder in the name of true love? 

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