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Agent: Caroline Dawnay
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Tony Thompson is a journalist who has written about crime for Time Out, GQ, the Independent and the Guardian. He has spoken to current as well as ex-gang members: he has travelled extensively to track the routes of the gangs. He has bargained for guns in Woolwich, spent evenings at illegal Triad and Yardie gambling dens, and drunk with wanted contract killers. He lives in London.  For more information, please visit his website.

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Latest publication:

OUTLAWS, Hodder, 4th August 2011
An outlaw motorcycle club is a band of brothers like no other.  Hidden away from mainstream society behind multiple layers of secrecy, mythology and a sophisticated campaign of misinformation that portrays them as nothing more than loveable rogues, the brutal thruth about the biker world has long escaped public scrutiny.

In reality, today's outlaw bikers are at the epicentre of a violent underworld subculture, enforced by a ruthless code of silence, and control a global criminal empire worth millions.

Spanning the UK, Europe, America, Canada and Australia, Outlaws is a compelling, shocking and chilling story of how bikers are born and made, and how and why they die.

Reviews for GANG LAND:

'Fascinating ... Thompson has a keen eye for the whimsical side of orchestrated illegality' Observer

'In the best tradition of the crime beat reporter, Thompson goes down the mean streets of the most insalubrious parts of Britain so we don't have to.' Word Magazine

'Detailed and thoroughly riveting ... always grimly honest and provides an intensely readable and vivid first-hand account of criminals' lives and the impact of their activities on society' Herald

'Shocking... Fascinating... Scary' Sun



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This is the story of an international group of drug smugglers, their criminal success and the hunt to bring them to justice.



GANG LAND takes its readers on a journey through the landscape of British organised crime.



GANGS reveals the inside story of contemporary organised crime.



Here is a picture of organised crime, seen within the ranks of the Hell's Angels, the Yardies, the Triads and the Yakuza, as well as the old-style East-End gangs.