A Song of Me and You is a Richard & Judy Summer 2024 Pick

We're delighted by the news that Mike Gayle's A Song of Me and You is a Richard and Judy pick with WHSmith for Summer 2024. Out in paperback today with Hodder & Stoughton, it is the ideal summer read. This is Mike's second time as a R&J pick, with Half a World Away featuring on the Spring 2021 list.

Congrats Mike!

A Song of Me and You
Helen and Ben parted as heartbroken 18-year-olds and went their very separate ways.

Twenty years later, mother-of-two-teenagers Helen is still in Manchester, a part-time primary teacher, stunned by the behaviour of her love-rat husband. In an old T shirt and scruffy jeans, she feels at the lowest point in her life.

And suddenly, impossibly, Ben is standing on her doorstep. Tired maybe, lonely even, but clearly still the world-famous, LA-based multi-millionaire rockstar he has become.

Can you ever go back?

For Helen and Ben, so much has happened in the years between. But just to sit in the kitchen for a while and talk - that would be nice.

Before the world comes crashing in.

Friendship, love, heartache and hope collide in this unforgettable emotional journey

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