THE PANGOLIN PROJECT opens at the Alexandra Palace on 14th May

The Pangolin Project was created by Kay Adshead for award-winning theatre company Mama Quilla Productions. It reflects on the challenges of living through the Pandemic. It was also devised to allow artists an opportunity to diversify and to play at a time when live art was impossible.

The lively, rough-hewn workshop performance involves 22 artists aged 19–74 (18 of them women) ranging from celebrated veteran artists to absolute newbies, writing, performing, making films for the first time. Many are abdicating comfort zones, trying new things, and learning new skills to take forward into future work. The Pangolin Project moves between recorded and live performance and asks questions about how best we communicate in troubled times and celebrates the return of performing in front of an audience, whilst honouring what we learnt in the last, few, troubled years.

Twelve of the films were developed in Community Workshops. The project also honours theatre as participatory rather than spectator art.

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