Deutschland 86 premieres on More4 tonight

Deutschland 86

Created, Executive Produced and Written by Anna Winger, Deutschland 86 follows on from the critically acclaimed Deutschland 83, which was a winner of, among other awards, an international Emmy, a Peabody Award, Golden Kamera, German Television Awards and Adolf Grimme Awards. 

Deutschland 83 followed East German soldier Martin Rauch as he was recruited by the Stasi to spy in the West. Deutschland 86 picks up three years later, Martin has been banished from East Berlin to an Angolan orphanage, until he is drawn back into the fold by his handler and aunt Lenora Rauch for a high stakes arms deal in South Africa. Sides are blurred as the East German state begins to crumble.

Will Bentley served as a writer on two episodes of the series.

Don’t miss the first episode at 9pm tonight on More4. Afterwards you can watch the whole series, streaming on All4 as part of Walter Presents. 

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