Minoo Dinshaw

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Agent: Caroline Dawnay
Assistant: Kat Aitken


Minoo Dinshaw is a writer living in London. Outlandish Knight: The Byzantine Life of Steven Runciman (Allen Lane, 2016) is his first book.


'An extraordinary book ... exceptionally fascinating, always readable and penetratingly intelligent' David Abulafia

'As rich, funny and teemingly peopled as Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time ... Dinshaw writes with wit and elegance, and the most elegiac passages of Outlandish Knight evoke a lost society London and way of life' Ben Judah, Financial Times

'This dazzling young writer is a mine of fascinating, memorable and totally useless information... I have been riveted by this book from start to finish, and leave the reader with one word of advice. Watch Minoo Dinshaw. He will go far' John Julius Norwich, Sunday Telegraph



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Allen Lane

The biography of one of the greatest British historians - but also of a uniquely strange man. Outlandish Knight is a dazzling debut by a writer who has prodigious gifts, but who also has had the ability to spot one of the great biographical subjects.