Mark Marlow


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Film, TV & Theatre

Agent: Michelle Archer
Assistant: Grace Baxter

Film, TV & Theatre

Mark’s hotly anticipated original series, CLEANING UP (aka CLEAN BREAK), is currently in production with Sister Pictures and ITV, directed by (and developed with) Lewis Arnold, with Jane Featherstone as Executive Producer.

Having studied Film at Gloucester University, Mark followed this up with an MA in Film & Television Production at Bristol University, where he majored in screenwriting. He’s currently working on several original ideas for TV.

In Development



Original Drama Series
Teenaged lesbian lovers are being forced to separate when one of their parents gets offered a job abroad. But when a bungled heist goes spectacularly wrong, the girls are presented with a case of gold bullion and their ticket to freedom.


Original Comedy Drama
A troubled 17 year old boy is approached by a criminal organisation that specialise in the recruitment and training of professional killers. He's offered a life changing opportunity but must weigh up the moral implications.


Original Feature Film
A lighting salesman struggling to pay for his sons dance lessons decides he's going to buy his own goods, so he can win his company's sales contest and a brand new car.


Feature Film
Black Comedy
Set in 2009, three down on their luck friends blame the financial crisis for their relative failings. They decide to level the playing field by kidnapping a banker's wife and hold her ransom for a million pounds.


Short Film
A landlord accidentally kills an intruder and when his wife and tenants suggest calling the police, he turns on them with a nail gun and takes them for a drive into the country at night.


Original Sit Com
A newly engaged couple must enroll onto a six-week marital guidance course if they're to tie the knot in the church of their choice.





Sister Pictures/ITV

Original Drama Series (aka CLEAN BREAK)
Two cleaning ladies discover they're working at the office of an insider trader, so they bug his office for stock-market tips. Their investments pay off, but as their finances grow stronger their trust in each other begins to weaken.
Creator and Writer of all episodes. 6 part drama series.
Director: Lewis Arnold
Producer: Karen Wilson
Executive Producers: Jane Featherstone and Chris Fry
Starring: Sheridan Smith
*MVisa award for Best Actress - Jade Anouka
*Shortlisted for New Drama at the National Television Awards 2020