Jeremy Atherton Lin


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Jeremy is an essayist who combines memoir with cultural criticism. He has been identified by the author Olivia Laing as “one of the best writers I’ve encountered, remaking the world sentence by immaculate sentence”. Jeremy studied theatre at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and now lives in London, where he received the master’s degree in writing from the Royal College of Art (RCA). His work has been published by The White Review, ArtReview, Index, Noon, Tinted Window and The Times Literary Supplement. Jeremy is also a lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts and an editor at the journal Failed States. He was shortlisted for the Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize in 2018. 

Upcoming publication:

Jeremy's first book, GAY BAR, is an exhilarating bar-hop spanning the 1990s to the present day, and the cities of London, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its exploration of queer culture and counterculture, fashion and politics, music and desire, camaraderie and fetish, is lush, sparkling and unflinchingly sensual.

It will be published in 2021 in the UK by Granta and in the US by Little, Brown, and in Audio by Bolinda.