James Mylet

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Agent: Caroline Dawnay
Assistant: Kat Aitken


LEX, Quercus, 28 April 2011
Lex is all but finished growing up in Clifden, Connemara, where he runs a radio station from his bedroom and makes plans to go to university in London.  As he shares his views on life, music and Michelle, the best girl in town, Lex is absurdly acute and brilliantly entertaining.  Michelle is not only older than Lex, but she's dating the town thug, someone Lex would do well to avoid, but where's the fun in that?

Surrounded by his adoring family and constantly taking the flak for his crazy best friend, Davey, he's caught between modesty and an edge of cool.  But he finds himself in trouble when a friend uses Lex's own radio station to announce to the entire town that Lex is still a virgin and asks some nice young girl to help him out before he heads to London in the same sorry condition...

Being seventeen is the stuff of rollercoasters - from one period of angst to boundless joy and on to another crisis - and Lex's summer is set to be typical.  He's determined to go out with a bang.  And he will, but it might not be quite what he had in mind.

Praise for LEX by James Mylet'

'funny and charming ... it was a great relief to discover it wasn't just me who felt like that at seventeen' John O'Farrell