Henry James Garrett

Writer / Illustrator

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Henry James Garrett was born in Bristol to a physicist and a lawyer; wonderfully supportive parents who taught him how – and not what - to think. When he said he wanted to study art as one of his A-levels, his mother kindly pointed out that he was “crap at art”. He did it anyway. But for his degree, he stuck to what he was good at, and studied Philosophy. Henry went on to start a PhD on metaethics and empathy, but had to stop due to anxiety.

Not knowing what to do next, he turned to one of the few things he didn’t find stressful: drawing dogs saying amusing things to one another. Since then Henry has launched a range of greeting cards with UStudio, started a weekly cartoon in The i newspaper, and branched out from dogs to other anthropomorphised animals and ephemera.

What he lacks in drawing abilities, Henry tries to make up for with wit, wordplay, and an ethical bent to his cartoons (his mum has retracted her comment though). His drawings range in theme from the philosophical, through identity politics and mental health, to the absurdly punny. Henry now lives in Brighton with his love-partner who is the kindest human being alive.   


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This book will make you kinder by introducing you to your empathy, and by pointing out what limits that empathy. Not just the everyday kindness of taking out your neighbour's bins - the strong, courageous, moral kindness of fighting cruelty. It's needed now more than ever. Unkindness has been given new energy in recent years.

So get to know your empathy a little better. Where it comes from, and why every human - and some animals - have it. Empathy is what makes us kind, but it must be combined with a conscious effort to learn about different kinds of people. A world in which everyone acted on their empathy would be a very kind world indeed. Let's work toward that world.



'Both and compelling philosophical exploratin of morality and a strategic guide to expanding our collective capactiy for empathy, this slim book makes an elegant (and beautifully illustrated) case for power of kindness. Smart, humane, and life-altering' - Thomas Page McBee

'“I have been a fan of Henry’s work for a long time and I’m excited for more people to see it.' - Jameela Jamil

This Book Will Make You Kinder blends distinctly human comics with an academic approach to understanding empathy, from a near-expert on the subject. The result is an affirming, charming book that ultimately lives up to its title. –Adam J. Kurtz, artist/author

"Interspersed with Henry’s beautifully metaphorical illustrations, this is a great and easy-reading practical exploration of what kindness means in the modern world.” - Matt Haig

"If kindness and empathy is the best of humanity this book is a roadmap to it. Accessible, beautifully illustrated, at times heart-swelling in its wholesomeness, and at others inviting you to consider philosophical ideas, it'll sink your brain into a warm bath and, in turn, return a kinder person ready to raise the bar on humanity." -Gina Martin