Hayley Campbell


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Hayley Campbell has written for BuzzFeed, WIRED, Empire, VICE/VICE Sports, New Statesman, McSweeney’s, The Comics Journal, The Guardian, GQ, Esquire, and the Observer Magazine. As Features Writer at BuzzFeed, her work was read by millions, most notably her piece about the Doves Type, a story about Victorian mad men, betrayal and some lead type at the bottom of the Thames. In 2014, her book The Art of Neil Gaiman — a fully authorised, lavishly illustrated biography of Gaiman and his work — was published by Harper Design. She hosts the Unpopped podcast for the BBC. She lives in Highgate, London, near the cemetery.

Upcoming publication:

FADE TO BLACK - Raven Books (Bloomsbury) - 2020 

Detectives, morticians, crime scene cleaners, embalmers and executioners are all part of a "highly unusual" and very select group of people who deal with death and the dying every day and the book Fade to Black by journalist Hayley Campbell will explore what drew them to these professions and how has it changed them. Campbell will also investigate her own fascination and fear of death through her encounters with a series of extraordinary people.