Foreign Rights

The Foreign Rights team at United Agents comprises Georgina Le Grice, Amy Mitchell, Anna Watkins and Jane Willis, ably assisted by Alex Stephens, Lucy Joyce and Fatima Amin.

Georgina Le Grice is currently on maternity leave. Please email Anna Watkins (Foreign Rights Agent) on

Georgina Le Grice (Foreign Rights Agent) works in Italy, China, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Romania and Arabic.

Amy Mitchell (Foreign Rights Agent) works in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Iceland, Poland, Norway, Portuguese in Brazil and Portuguese in Portugal.

Alex Stephens (Rights Executive) works in Greece, Finland, the Indian sub-continent, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, Turkey and Hebrew

Jane Willis (Agent) works in Spain (including Basque, Catalan, Galician), Croatia, Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Jane is responsible for children’s translation rights in all languages.

We work directly in the majority of territories but also work with the following sub agents: Foreign Rights - Sub Agents

If you have a general query please contact the Foreign Rights department: