Foreign Rights

The Foreign Rights team at United Agents comprises Georgina Le Grice, Amy Mitchell and Jane Willis, ably assisted by Alex Stephens, Sophie Churcher and Fatima Amin.

Amy, Georgina and Jane work on the adult books and divide the territories between them, although Georgina is currently on maternity leave. Nishta Hurry is Georgina 's maternity cover, for all enquiries please email

We work directly in the majority of territories and with the following co-agents: 

Chinese - ANA Beijing/Taipei 

Croatian and Hungarian - Katai & Bolza 

Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian - ANA Baltic

Korean - Eric Yang Agency

Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian - The Van Lear Agency

Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian - ANA Sofia

Czech, Slovak and Slovene - ANA Prague 

Indonesian, Malay and Vietnamese - Maxima Creative Agency

Japanese - The English Agency (Japan) Ltd. 

Japanese - Tuttle-Mori Japan

Japanese - Japan Uni Agency, Inc.

Polish - Anna Jarota Agency Poland 

Romanian - Simona Kessler & Associates Agency Ltd. 

Turkish - Anatolialit Agency

Thai - Tuttle-Mori Thailand

Jane is responsible for handling all children’s books in all languages. She works directly in the same territories as Georgie and Amy and with the same co-agents listed above with the following exceptions: 

Korean - Eric Yang Agency 

Portuguese in Brazil - Tassy Barham Associates

Romanian - ANA Sofia 

Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian - Synopsis Agency 

Turkish - Akcali Copyright Agency 

If you have a general query about any of our titles please do contact us at: