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Dix is an artist, illustrator and comics creator. He is best known for his Roll Up! Roll Up! strips in the Guardian

Dix does a lot of work for Selfmadehero, Britain's best respected publisher of graphic novels. Dix and writer Si Spencer created the weird and wonderful Klaxon and he has also contributed stories to It's Dark In London and, most recently, The Jeremy Corbyn Comic.

For Dix, drawing is like therapy, though he never gets any better. Dix lives and works in Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

Current publication:

DULL MARGARET - Fantagraphics - May 2018

A dark tale of greed, loneliness and selfishness. 

Artist Dix teams up with actor Jim Broadbent to tell the story of one of the most singular characters ever depicted in graphic novels: the inimitable Dull Margaret. 

Loosely inspired by Dulle Griet, the 16th century painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Dull Margaret also draws inspiration from Goya's witches and Daumier's depictions of roving players to paint its own rich portrait of a damaged soul navigating an unsparing world. Anchored by a sharp, black humour, Dull Margaret is a wildly original graphic novel for the ages. 


'Dull Margaret is a powerful read that’s open enough to take multiple interpretations, with the space to grow over several rereadings. If you enjoy dark, literary graphic novels, Dix and Broadbent have dished up a treat. — Grovel

'Greed is unquenchable in this bleak meditation on vengeance and desire by Dix and Academy Award–winning actor Jim Broadbent. ... The ruthless, brutal Margaret proves a satisfying antiheroine for this vicious morality play.' — Publishers Weekly

'Enticing and loathly, this sorry soggy fable abounds with rich mordant humour and powerfully seductive sentiment, all compellingly realised by DIX’s muted palette and amorphous, soft-edged designs.' — Now Read This


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Inspired by Dulle Griet (aka Mad Meg), Pieter Bruegel's 16th-century painting of a 'strong, intense woman striding determinedly across a violent landscape,' Dull Margaret is the first graphic novel by Academy Award winning-actor Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones) and artist Dix (best known for his comics in the Guardian). The Dulle Griet painting shows a breastplated woman with a sword in one hand in front of the mouth of hell, and Broadbent uses that single, vivid image as a launching point to explore what the rest of Dull Margaret's bleak existence may have been like.