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Celia J Anderson was a teacher and assistant head in her previous life but is now delighted to be writing full time. She won a competition with Piatkus for a contract for her first novel, Sweet Proposal, and has been published three times since.

Celia lives in land-locked Derbyshire with her husband and one arrogant cat but has two daughters in Brighton so spends as much time by the sea as possible. Her finest hour was getting a job as a cycling proficiency tutor without letting slip she couldn’t ride a bike. They didn’t ask.

An enthusiastic member of the Romantic Novelists Association, Celia organises the judging for the Romantic Novel of the Year awards (RoNAs), spends far too much time on Facebook and blogs with popular writing group The Romaniacs at theromaniacgroup.wordpress.com. 

Upcoming books: 

THE GIFT OF LUCIA LEMON - Harper Collins - 16th September 2021

Years of mystery lie inside the case, just waiting to be unravelled…

After fifty-eight years of playing it safe, Lucia Lemon wants something more from life. If only she knew what…

Until she receives a package in the post from an old friend that will change her life forever. Inside, she finds a bundle of cash, a collection of old maps, and a beautiful compass that no longer points north.

Holding the compass in her hand, Lucia suddenly feels hopeful – for the first time ever, life feels full of possibility and the open road is calling. If only she’s brave enough to answer it…

THE COTTAGE OF CURIOSITIES - Harper Collins - 17 September 2020

USA Bestseller & UK Kindle bestseller 


Celia's latest story tells of Grace, her life, her special gifts and the Cottage itself that holds so much charm within its old walls.  Characters full of personality cast in the first book set in Pengelly dip in and out of the book's rich texture; yet this book could be enjoyed equally as a stand-alone delicious treat. Warm and satisfying with enough unexpected twists to delight a reader's palate. - Julie Vince

I very much enjoyed it. I thought it was a wonderful follow up to 59 Memory Lane with a great mixture of new storylines, continuing storylines, and tying up all the loose ends. - Lucy Felthouse

The Cottage of Curiosities really is a truly heart-warming story and did wonders for my rather gloomy mood... it was immensely soothing to lose myself in Celia's lovely world and watch the story unfold, rather like spending a relaxed, enjoyable evening with a dear friend' - Chris Stovell

'Warm and delightful. This welcome return to Pengelly and its wonderful characters felt like catching up with old friends.' - Annie Lyons

Praise for 59, MEMORY LANE (2019):

'A brilliantly original and enchanting tale' - The Sun

'Wonderful characters make this a great read' - Good Housekeeping

'Truly unique... unforgettable' - Women's Weekly



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May Rosevere has lived in the Cornish village of Pengelly almost all her life. And it’s been a long life, for May is just three months shy of her 111th birthday. May claims her longevity is a result of clean living: four slices of toast with butter every morning and a few glasses of sherry in the evening, but the truth is, May is nursing a secret. She is a memory harvester, someone whose youthful appearance and long life is the result of living off the memory echoes of others. These echoes are imparted into objects people leave behind, which May has spent her life collecting.

May is desperate to reach what she sees as the magical age of 111, but living alone with few visitors means it’s hard to come by objects that hold new memories. In her attempt to prolong her life, May makes some big decisions, the consequences of which she could never have foreseen...