Tony Strong

Writer - fiction

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Agent: Caradoc King
Assistant: Becky Percival


Tony Strong was born in 1962 in Uganda, though his parents came back to the UK when he was six weeks old. He read English at Oxford under the playwright and poet Francis Warner and then went on to work as an advertising copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather, an agency which had already bred writers such as Salman Rushdie and Fay Weldon. Tony Strong has made more than thirty television commercials, including the celebrated BUPA 'You’re Amazing, We Want You To Stay That Way ' campaign, and the American Express campaign. He has won a BAFTA for a campaign aimed at reducing solvent abuse - one of the very few drug abuse campaigns that have ever been shown to have a measurable effect. Tony Strong was recently poached by Abbot Mead Vickers, whose main account is British Telecom. He has published four novels: THE POISON TREE, THE DEATH PIT, THE DECOY and TELL ME LIES. THE DECOY has been bought for film by Twentieth Century Fox for Arnold Kopelson. TELL ME LIES was recently adapted by Granada Television into a series entitled LIE TO ME.

He has also written under several pseudonyms, including Anthony Capella.


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UK: Transworld; Danish: Aschehoug Lademann; French: Presses de la Cite; German: Rowohlt; Norwegian: N W Damm; Swedish: Bra Bocke

A gripping psychological thriller with a moral conundrum at its heart: would you lie in court to help convict a man you believed to be guilty? And what would be the consequences if you got it wrong? Ros Taylor and Jo McCourt are flatmates, enjoying everything London has to offer two career women in their twenties. Then the bubble bursts: Ros is raped and Jo murdered by an intruder. Both have been victims of a date rape drug, and Ros can remember nothing of what happened that night. In the aftermath of the attack, Ros starts a relationship with one of the investigating detectives, Bill Thompson. From him she learns that the police know who did it – Jo’s ex-boyfriend, Gerry Henson – but are unable to secure a conviction because their evidence is inadmissible. Ros agrees to lie in court in order to put the guilty man away. But after the trial is over, she becomes aware that she has a stalker – someone who says that he, and not Henson, was the real killer. Now safe from arrest he can do what he likes. Bill is torn. Does he admit to the lie, and sacrifice his career? Does he kill the man she says is stalking her? Or is there another explanation – another set of lies he has to unpick, before the real truth is revealed?



UK: Transworld; Bulgarian: Animarl; Dutch: Uitgeverij M; French: Presses de la Cite; German: Rowohlt (reverted); Japanese: Kadok

Claire Rodenburg is a young, talented actress. By day she auditions and rehearses but by night she works as a decoy, making passes at men whose wives suspect them of being unfaithful. When one of her clients is brutally murdered, Claire agrees to work as a decoy of a different kind. To help the police entrap the main suspect she consents to pose as a single girl, looking to share her dark desires. But as the case progresses we begin to suspect that the script she is working from is not quite what it seems. THE DECOY has been optioned by Twentieth Century Fox for Arnold Kopelson.