Sofia Jin


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Sofia Jin is a British Korean entertainer known for her upbeat and high octane presenting style. Having gained an international Instagram following of over 75,000 by sharing her passion for adventure through photography and presenting videos, Sofia is currently an ambassador for The North Face Explorer Team, continuing to spread her love of exploring with sponsored expeditions. She has filmed extreme, outdoor mountaineering activities throughout Europe, and recently successfully summited Aconcagua (6962m), the highest mountain in the world outside of Himalayas. Her writing investigates topics of social and cultural importance as well as her own adventures; everything from the frontiers of science to ice climbing in the Dolomites. 

Curious and creative, Sofia is ultimately passionate about telling a story that connects people. With an infectious sense of humour and a compelling, natural charisma in front of the camera, she engages her audience no matter what the content. Sofia’s knowledge and experience spans a variety of topics, some of her most popular videos are comedy sketches she has written and performed based on her experience growing up Eurasian; others include an in depth explanation of black holes at New Science Live 2019.

Sofia continues to develop her skills in the world of presenting while training in acting, an avenue she would also like to pursue.