Philip Ridley


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Agent: Caradoc King
Associate: Millie Hoskins
Assistant: Kat Aitken


Philip Ridley was born in 1964 in the East End of London, where he still lives. He studied at St Martin's School of Art, making a controversial public debut in the ICA's 'New Contemporaries' exhibition, and has since achieved critical acclaim as an artist, as a novelist for both adults and children, and as an award-winning screenwriter (The Krays). His adult fiction includes the novel CROCODILIA, written in his final year at St Martin’s; IN THE EYES OF FURY, the first novel chosen for the Penguin Originals series; and FLAMINGOES IN ORBIT, a collection of short stories published by Hamish Hamilton (all three of which are to be re-worked and published by Valancourt Books in 2017). He also writes plays for stage and radio.

His following as a children’s writer is huge, and his titles include DAKOTA OF THE WHITE FLATS, MERCEDES ICE, KRINDLEKRAX (winner of 1991 Smarties' Prize for the best novel in the 9-11 age group), METEORITE SPOON, KASPER IN THE GLITTER, SCRIBBLEBOY, VINEGAR STREET and THE MIGHTY FIZZ CHILLA. His latest, ZIP'S APOLLO, is published by Puffin.


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UK: Penguin

Poppy Picklesticks loves her life on Vinegar Street. But one day the tingle voice inside her head warns her that someone new is about to move in, and that this person will threaten everything Poppy holds dear. The new book from the Smarties Prize-winning author of KRINDLEKRAX and SCRIBBLEBOY.



UK: Penguin; Finnish: Soderstrom; Italian: Mondadori (reverted); Thai: Good Morning Publishing

Milo Kick is no longer Mum's little 'angel'. Five months ago something happened - something only Milo knows - that changed him into a 'monster'. Unable to cope, Mum sends him to stay with Cressida Bell, an old family friend who lives by the sea. Gradually, Milo becomes obsessed with stories about wild Captain Jellicoe who lives in a nearby cave and who, in turn, has his own story to tell. It is a story that will change Milo's life forever.
It is the story of Mighty Fizz Chilla.



UK: Penguin

Ruskin Splinter is small and thin, with knock knees, thick glasses and a squeaky voice, and the idea of him taming a dragon makes the whole class laugh out loud. Big, strong Elvis may be stupid and keep breaking windows, but he looks like a hero. So who is more likely to get the part of the hero in the school play?
But under Lizard Street, beneath the dark bricks and cracked pavements, lurks the mysterious Krindlekrax. And when Krindlekrax threatens Lizard Street, Ruskin has the chance to prove he's the stuff heroes are made of!



UK: Puffin; Italian: Mondadori per Ragazzi

Zip used to live in a forest where everything seemed wonderful and full of magic. But now he’s moved to New Town, a place of square houses, straight roads and plastic trees, and all wonder and magic has vanished from his life.
After all, thinks Zip, what can be magical about a concrete town on the edge of a noisy motorway next to an ultra-modern supermarket? Nothing! I’ll never experience anything wonderful or magical again!

And then, one day, a supermarket trolley speaks…



UK: Penguin

'My name is Scribbleboy and I'm back to scribble!'
Years ago, Scribbleboy had transformed the gloomy grey concrete of the neighbourhood with his fabulous shapes and colours...until, without warning, he vanished. Most of the Scribbles were destroyed and only the Scribbleboy Fan Club kept his legend alive.

Then, one night, a strange figure is seen and a mysterious voice heard...

Could the impossible have happened? Has the legend come true? Is Scribbleboy really back?