Otamere Guobadia

Author / Poet / Journalist

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Assistant: Olivia Davies


Otamere is a multidisciplinary writer and columnist who is deeply in love with every person who has ever been nice to him, and claims to have the shapeliest legs of any nobleman in England. Something of a ‘Chocolate-Cream Soldier’— also the title of his column at Dazed where he is a regular contributor— one who carries chocolate instead of ammunition; cowardly, effeminate and uninterested in fighting but far more so in romance). A lover, not a fighter. Rather aptly, Otamere hates militarism and physical exertion, and to borrow a phrase, can often be found serving looks and almost never serving his country. His words can be found in i-D, AnotherMan, GQ, The Guardian, Gay Times, HUCK, The Independent, Conde Nast's Them, Attitude, and more. 

Otamere's writing focuses on desire, queerness, art, race, love, and pop culture—how these things constellate and complicate each other— refracted through the flowery, sentimental lens of someone who is at all times desirous of all things and all people. He is working on his first book.