Moazzam Begg

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In 2001, Moazzam Begg moved his wife and children from Birmingham to Kabul to begin a new job as a school teacher. After the war in Afghanistan that year, the family decided to wait out the hostilities in neighbouring Pakistan. But in February 2002 Begg was seized by the CIA in Islamabad. He was held at Bagram airbase for a year before being transferred to the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba. From his original detainment up to the time of his release, he was held for just under 3 years, much of that time in solitary confinement. During this time Begg had not been charged with any crime or seen a lawyer. On January 25 2005 Begg was released along with 3 others. 5 other British men were also released in March 2004.


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TITLE: ememy combat


Simon & Schuster

Moazzam Begg is an ordinary man who has endured an extraordinary fate - he is one of the nine Britons detailed in the camps at Guantanamo Bay, imprisoned for a crime he didn`t commit and whose precise nature has never been determined. The US government labelled him simply an `enemy combatant`.