Max Fosh

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Max Fosh is a presenter and online content creator. Since winning ‘Best Newcomer’ in the 2017 National Hospital Radio Awards, Max has grown his online following to over 400,000 across his social media channels, with his YouTube channel being the most popular. 

His videos have been seen by over 70 million people across the world.

In February 2019, a collaboration alongside fellow YouTubers 'The Zac and Jay Show' gained 17 million views on YouTube along with over 30 million views on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Max is best known for his three digital series – ‘StreetSmart’, ‘Unconventional’ and ‘Special Private Investigator’ where his funny, approachable and fast-paced interview content has led to a dedicated and positive community of engaged subscribers. 

As a presenter, Max has collaborated with many well-known brands including Marvel, Pot Noodle, Mob Kitchen and Virgin Media.

Max has also been curating a stand up show over the past 6 months and has had multiple sell out shows in London at The Tristan Bates Theatre and The Etcetera Theatre.