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Maggie Brookes is an ex-journalist and BBC historical documentary producer turned poet and novelist.  In her fiction and poetry she often tells stories about injustice and the tenacity of women. Her five poetry collections range across time and place, love and death – with a healthy smattering of humour. Her poetry is published under her married name, Maggie Butt. 

Maggie is an Associate Professor at Middlesex University, London, where she has taught creative writing for 28 years. She is also an advisory fellow for the Royal Literary Fund.

Maggie's debut novel, THE PRISONER'S WIFE, a startling tale of love and resilience, is based on a true story of a couple during WWII and was published by Cornerstone (UK) in April and will be followed by Berkley (US) in May 2020. Rights have been sold in ten territories.



- An absorbing and engaging tale of wartime bravery and endurance. Bill and Izabela are such tenderly drawn characters…I loved it!, Rachel Hore, author of Last Letter Home and The Memory Garden

- A deeply moving and compelling read… A heart-rending story beautifully told., Judith Allnat, author of The Poet’s Wife and The Silk Factory

- Heart-wrenching’, Woman & Home



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Cornerstone (UK), Berkley (US)

Their love is a death sentence. But can it keep them alive?

Czechoslovakia, 1944. In the dead of night, a farm girl and a British soldier creep through abandoned villages. Secretly married and on the run, Bill and Izabela are searching for Izabela's brother and father, who are fighting for the Czech resistance. They know their luck will not last.

Captured by the German army, it seems they must be separated - but they have prepared for this moment. By cutting her hair and pretending to be mute, Izabela successfully disguises herself as a British soldier. Together, they face the terrible conditions of a POW camp, reliant on the help of their fellow POWs to maintain their fragile deception.

Their situation is beyond dangerous. If Izabela is discovered, she and Bill - and all the men who helped them - will face lethal consequences.


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Ally Pally Prison Camps


Oversetps Books

Alexandra Palace in North London was a ‘concentration camp’ for 3,000 civilian internees from 1915 to 1919. The prisoners at Ally Pally had English wives and children. Many owned businesses in Britain. Many had left Germany as children themselves, or had been born in England, and spoke no German. Only their passports made them ‘enemy aliens.’

This book combines their own words from letters and memoirs, with evocative photographs, plus full colour paintings by internee George Kenner and poems by Maggie Butt.


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Degrees of Twilight


The London Magazine

The passage of time is tangible in Maggie Butt’s latest collection. These poems use history, memory, work and travel as lenses to examine the inevitable pains and sharp pleasures at the heart of our transient lives.

Sancti Clandestini – Undercover Saints


Ward Wood Publications

A fully illustrated poetry collection, which proposes some alternative, imaginary saints, including the Patron Saints of liars, looters, rank outsiders, compulsive hoarders, old dogs and infidel girls. These undercover Patron Saints are illustrated by the staff and students of Middlesex University's BA Hons Illustration course, from famous and established artists to emerging talents.



Greenwich Exchange

Maggie's first full poetry collection.

Quintana Roo


Acumen Literary Journal, Devon