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Lauren Berry’s debut novel LIVING THE DREAM was published by Virago in 2017. She is the founding editor of KnockBack.co.uk and has been featured in The Guardian, The Observer, Gloss and Image Magazine.

Lauren studied at Central St Martins, Leeds Metropolitan and London City University and currently lives and works in London.


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LIVING THE DREAM is a sharp satire of modern British life. It features Emma, who should be a writer (but works in corporate advertising) and Clem, just back in London from New York, who is on the path to becoming a successful screenwriter (but works in a bar and lives with her mum). Both women navigate the challenges of dreams and aspirations vs. reality, of having the guts to take a risk vs. selling out. Amid the big questions, Emma and Clem also find themselves faced with life's little challenges: how to look happy at work, what to do with undesirable colleagues, how a hen party can go horribly wrong and what (not) to wear at a ‘well-ness’ spa.