Lisa Stubbs

Children's Illustrator

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Associate Agent: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


As a child I watched hours of Take Hart doodling away with my felt tips in front of the gas fire munching on wagon wheels... I am now a freelance illustratior, screen printer, and happy mum of three dancing in my studio in the heart of Yorkshire. Over the years I have illustrated for many clients including Marks & Spenser, Piccadilly Press, Oxford University Press, The Post Office, Asda, Clinton Cards, UK Greetings, Urban Graphics, Woodmansterne, Hallmark and Sensible Dave! My work is inspired by my family life, quality time with my wonderful children and a love of children's picture books old and new.... and I’m still fuelled by the odd Wagon Wheel (although they seem much smaller these days).

See my inspiration and creative journey at 'Lil Sonny Sky, my online mental floss, diary and sketch book -  Flickr -

I hope my illustrations makes you feel happy and positive.

Latest Publications: 

A LISA AND BEAR STORY: GRUMPY FEET (1st September 2016, Boxer Books)

Once in a while - and it's happened to all of us - one wakes up grumpy! For no good reason. This is the story of what happens to Lily when she wakes up with 'Grumpy Feet' . Things are not going her way. The teapot is too dribbly, her crayons are too stubby. The only thing she can do is draw her friend Bear. And when he comes to life and comes off the paper, he knows exactly what is wrong and what to do to cheer her up! He makes a moon car and takes her off to the moon, where they polish stars, drink cocoa and look for a baby unicorn. He turns Lilys grumps into the jumps!

Upcoming Publications:

MY SISTER IS BIGGER THAN ME (4th May 2017, Jonathan Cape)

"My sister Gracie is bigger than me, 
because she's nearly six and I am just three."

Join Gracie and Ava as they play together in their world of imagination.