Leah Cowan

Writer - non-fiction

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Leah Cowan is the Politics Editor at gal-dem, an online magazine and media platform run by women and non-binary people of colour. Leah also works at Imkaan, a Black feminist organisation dedicated to addressing violence against Black and minoritised women and girls. Leah has written for publications including Vice UK, Media Diversified, openDemocracy, and The Guardian and in October 2018 delivered a TEDxTalk presenting an intersectional analysis of emotional labour. Leah speaks and lectures on the intersection of race, gender, migration, violence and media, including for UN Women, in the House of Commons, at the Trades Union Congress, at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), and at Queen Mary University of London.


Her first book, BORDER NATION, breaking down the borders of migration, will be published by radical publisher Pluto Press in Spring 2021. 


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Pluto Press

Borders are not just meaningless geographical lines. They have an impact on all of our lives, whether it's the fallout from Brexit or the inhumanity of a detention center. In Border Nation, Leah Cowan shows how borders are violent, oppressive, and must be resisted.

Looking back, we learn of the elitist, colonial and patriarchal origins of borders, explore the vital history of anti-racist, anti-border organizing and hear stories from people who have crossed partitions. Debunking myths around migration, Leah Cowan unpacks the 'hostile environment' and reveals how healthcare crises, terrorism, unemployment and housing shortages are often manipulated by politicians and the media to vilify migrants.

As borders grow, migrants are policed and immigration controls are tightened, this book transforms our understanding of borders, migration and our fight for belonging.