Karl Newson

Children's Author/Illustrator

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Associate Agent: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Karl Newson is a children’s book author and illustrator from London. He is the writer of the picture books A Bear is a Bear (except when he's not), Here Comes the Sun, Fum, and Little Grey's Birthday Surprise. Karl is a big fan of nonsense poetry and also an illustrator of other people’s books. He grew up in Norfolk, making dens and running amok; but on rainy days he would stay indoors and draw until his pens ran out of colour. He was inspired to write a story when his children were small, and he has been so ever since... When Karl isn't writing he enjoys reading adventure stories, watching science fiction films, and listening to music from the 1960s. He loves to gaze at the stars and wonder... and he always gets his best ideas just before bed.

Upcoming Publications:

Storytime Classics: The Gingerbread Man (15th October 2019, QED Publishing)

This beautiful new edition, simply told for young readers, breathes new life into the classic tale of The Gingerbread Man, who is made with currants for eyes and who leaps from the oven as soon as the door is opened! Nobody can catch the gingerbread man - not the old woman who made him nor any of the animals. It seems he's got away with his freedom. Then he meets a wily fox by the river who offers to help him safely cross... Brilliantly illustrated in a fun modern style for a new generation to enjoy, this delightful book is part of the much-loved range of Storytime Classics which offers collectible, child-friendly format editions of classic stories to make the perfect home library for children everywhere.

Latest Publications:

I am a Tiger (16th May 2019, Macmillian Childrens Books)

A hilarious and original story about a little mouse with big ideas!

The bold little mouse declares "I am a tiger." and manages to convince a raccoon, a fox, a snake and a bird not only that this is true, but that they are not what they think they are. When a real tiger turns up, can the persuasive and fearless little rodent manage to persuade the tiger that he is a mouse!

With vibrant artwork by award-winning illustrator Ross Collins, and delightful characters created by rising star Karl Newson, I am a Tiger is a story that will amuse and entertain everyone, from the smallest mouse to the biggest tiger.

The Same But Different Too (2nd May 2019, Nosy Crow)

These children and animals are all very different to each other. Some are big, some are small. Some are gentle, some are rough. Everyone is playful, but who's the best at hiding? One thing's certain: they all love a good bedtime story! The perfect picture book for little ones who are just beginning to make sense of their place in the world.