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Agent: Jane Willis

Rights Executive
Alex Stephens
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Jane Willis will handle all literary fiction in all key territories, children’s rights in all territories, as well as all titles in Spanish, Sweden, Croatia*, Hungary*, Albania*, Bulgaria*, Czech Republic*, Macedonia*, Serbia*, Slovakia*, Slovenia*. She is also building a small, select list of primary clients. Jane studied Modern History at Manchester University and is a founding partner and agent at United Agents. Her experience is very broad, having worked in all different sorts of publishing over the years, including at The Economist and Puffin Books.

Please note that, because she is spending time focusing on her existing clients, Jane is currently not accepting submissions for her list.

Jane handles adult translation rights in: 

Croatian (via Katai & Bolza)

Hungarian (via Katai & Bolza)

Albanian (via ANA Sofia)

Bulgarian (via ANA Sofia)

Czech (via ANA Prague)

Macedonian (via ANA Sofia)

Serbian (via ANA Sofia)

Slovak (via ANA Prague)

Slovene (via ANA Prague)

Spanish & Basque, Catalan, Galician (direct)