Jonathan Blyth

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Assistant: Amber Garvey


Jonathan Blyth (aka 'Log') has contributed to TV Go Home and Unnovations books and TV shows, and Channel 4's People's Book of Records. He runs two websites: and, which have built a curiously loyal fan base over the last eight years.

He is the creator and editor of the hilarious Law of the Playground, the online dictionary of playground insult: "a place where you can share the terrible, amusing or haunting tales of your childhood - knowing that those who read it will either be laughing at you or shuddering with a prickly recognition." Ebury Press published a dictionary of the cream of the entries in September 2004.

"Great fun" Lads Magazine


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Do you look back on your school days, and remember magical times, powerful and enduring friendships, and secret adventures? Well, SNAP OUT OF IT! YOU`RE DELUDING YOURSELF. LAW OF THE PLAYGROUND is the first and only book to record what it was REALLY like when we were growing up. This dictionary of playground insults, customs, games and anecdotes will bring it all flooding back. And be warned. It`s HORRIFIC