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Jenny Smith


Associate Agent: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Jenny Smith was born and raised in Glasgow, and has lived in Oxfordshire for almost twenty years. Her first job on graduating was as a development worker in Lesotho and Botswana – where she once ‘christened’ a brand new pit latrine, to tumultuous applause – and some singing – from an entire village.

Far too easily bored for her own good, she has worked as a secretary, for a school textbook publisher, as a copywriter in advertising and as a grants and trusts fundraiser for an Oxfordshire charity.

She now lives in a small village in South Oxfordshire with her husband Russell, her two sons and a West Highland terrier called Angus. Jenny’s proudest claim to fame is that she is one of only two people to appear on the Dave Gorman show ‘Genius’ twice.

Latest Publication:

Mucker, Boogster, Cheesy and Bob are THE ABOMINATORS They're learning to live with posh boy Cecil and his panty wanty woos. If you put them under pressure, they might even say he's part of the gang. But then the Forces of Evil turn up in the shape of two VERY mean teachers. They've got plans for Cecil. Plans which involve fear, destruction and possibly the end of the world! Can the Abominators save Cecil from a fate worse than detention?


'Diary of a Parent Trainer is a fast-paced and entertaining novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The guide extracts in the book are eye-catching and amusing, and I'm sure anyone who has ever had a Grown-Up in their lives will find plenty to relate to...Diary of a Parent Trainer is a very sweet, fun and touching book. Highly recommended to readers aged 10 to Grown-Up!': Luisa Plaja, author of SPLIT BY A KISS, EXTREME KISSING and SWAPPED BY A KISS.