Jamie Smart

Children's Author/Illustrator

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Associate Agent: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Jamie draws cute characters and then sets them free into ridiculous colourful worlds. His comics have delighted children for over 15 years, in the pages of national institutions such as The Dandy, The Beano, The DFC and The Phoenix. His long running weekly strip 'Bunny Vs Monkey' is still going strong in The Phoenix after four years, collected into three books so far. In 2015 he launched 'Superhero Bunny League' into the world through two OUP books, and his character Find Chaffy continues to explore new mediums (from two Scholastic books, to toys, to viral memes). Recently his creation Corporate Skull ran regularly in the pages of The Guardian, and in the past he has worked at length with Cartoon Network, Disney, and a host of other production companies (his popular book 'Fish-head Steve' is currently still in TV development).

Aside from his own creations, Jamie has also been given the reins on Doctor Who (creating over 50 enormous picture searches for both the Doctor Who magazines, also collected into their own book), been the full time writer and artist on Desperate Dan for five years, and also created and edits the free annual children's comic 'Moose Kid Comics' - a love letter to the medium, and a call to arms for new talent.

Jamie is currently working on his first illustrated novel for David Fickling Books, called 'Flember'.

Latest Publication:

BUNNY VS MONKEY books 1 & 2 (5th June 2014, David Fickling Books)

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big - MECHANICAL MOLE TANK?! Wait, that doesn't sound right...Prepare for chicken zeppelins, the PIG-O-TRON 5000, the indestructible Action Beaver, a squirrel with a passion for baking and loads more! This is good vs evil. Science vs nature. This is BUNNY VS MONKEY!