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Film, TV & Theatre

Film, TV & Theatre

James Price is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Springburn in Glasgow. He taught himself how to write scripts in his teenage years by reading the scripts of films that he admired, finally working up the courage to send his work out to people in his early 20s. He was a co-director on Nick Higgins documentary project WE ARE NORTHERN LIGHTS in 2012. He also worked behind the scenes on several short films to gain experience including Sigma Films' GOOD SOULS.

In 2014 James' script DROPPING OFF MICHAEL was selected by Sigma Films' JumpCut scheme to go into production with Zam Salim at the helm as director, receiving a terrific reception at film festivals worldwide including London, Cork and Palm Springs. The film won the audience award at the Glasgow Short Film Festival. He also gained a BAFTA New Talent nomination as a writer and the film itself went on to gain a Best Short Film nomination at the 2015 BAFTA Scotland ceremony.

James then came first place in Shore Scripts' Short Film Competition with his script STREET HASSLE, judged by industry professionals including Jeremy Irons, Tony Grisoni and Phylidda Lloyd. The script was also selected in 2017 to be a part of Creative Scotlands Bellrock screenwriting residency which saw him develop it into a feature film script with the guidance of producer Olivia Stewart (VELVET GOLDMINE, BRASSED OFF).

James' next produced experimental short film CHIBBED utilised non-contextualised violence to explore a dark moment known all too well to Glasgow. It premiered at the Glasgow Short Film Festival in 2018 and subsequently went on to stream on BBC iPlayer under the banner 'BBC Social Presents...' and is now available to watch freely on the BBC website.

In 2018 his feature length script GALLUS DAYS was one of only 15 successfully selected out of 4000 submissions to grant him a place on the BBC Drama Room 2018, the same year he also became a BFI x BAFTA CREW member.

The first short film James ever wrote and directed, CONCRETE AND FLOWERS, featured on the new BBC Scotland TV programme NEXT BIG THING and played at the Glasgow Short Film Festival in March.

This year saw him take part in the BBC TV Drama Writers Program, leading to a commission by World Productions Scotland to write a pilot for a semi-autobiographical TV series based on his childhood and teenage years around Glasgow’s once prominent gang fighting culture. It has also seen the release of his latest short film BOYS NIGHT, funded by Creative Scotland, BFI and SFTN, which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 30th and garnered a nomination for Best Short Film. He also participated on the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019 Talent Lab.

In Development




World Productions / BBC Writersroom

- Original black comedy TV series



David Brown / SFTN

- Feature adaptation of his short film



David Brown & David Gillies

- Original feature
- Selected as part of the 2020 Jets Initiative at this year's Berlinale

Short Films




David Brown

- Produced for the 48-Hour Film challenge in Glasgow, winning several awards in the challenge including Best Film, Best Director and Best Writer



BFI / Creative Scotland / Hopscotch Films

- As writer and director
- Edinburgh International Film Festival 2019: Nominated for Best Short Film
- Glasgow Short Film Festival 2020: Winner of the Audience Award



Chi8 Moving Pictures

- As writer and director
- Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019



BBC Scotland / Walk > Talk Productions

- As writer and director
- Glasgow Short Film Festival 2018: Nominated for Best Scottish Short Film



Sigma Films / Jumpcut / C4

- As writer
- Directed by Zam Salim
- BAFTA Scotland Awards 2015: Nominated directly for the New Talent Award alongside Best Short Film
- Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015: Winner of the Scottish Audience Award





Northern Lights

- As co-director
- Documentary taking the form of a mass participation project that combines the unique visions of people from all walks of life into a poignant, thrilling, moving, and often very funny impressionistic self portrait of contemporary Scotland