James Benmore


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James Benmore is the author of the Dodger series, a trilogy of novels about the continuing story of the Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist. Dodger, Dodger of the Dials and Dodger of the Revolution are all published by Quercus. He is writer-in-residence at Gad's Hill school, former home of Charles Dickens and has had short fiction published in anthologies such as The Fiction Desk and The Sandspout. 

James was born in Kent and now lives in London. He studied literature at the Open University, and has since completed an Mst in Creative Writing at Oxford.


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UK: Quercus

DODGER is an ebullient, charming and very funny novel about the continuing misadventures of Jack Dawkins, better known as the Artful Dodger from OLIVER TWIST.

The story follows the iconic and irrepressible thief as he returns from exile in Australia aged 19. Now posing as a gentleman, with an official letter of pardon and a valet called Warrigal, he heads back to London to reunite with his old friend Fagin. Once there he must confront his past and look ahead to the future.



UK: Quercus

The Artful Dodger is back doing what he does best: stealing, charming and leading a gang of petty thieves from the Seven Dials. But crime in London has become a serious business - and when Jack needs protection he soon finds himself out of his depth and facing the gallows for murder. The evidence against him seems insurmountable, until a young reporter by the name of Oliver Twist takes up his cause. Can they extricate Dodger from Newgate in time to escape the noose and save that which he treasures most, or is he destined for Fagin's fate?



UK: Quercus

The Artful Dodger faces his most dangerous adventure yet as he leaves Dickensian London and finds himself manning the barricades in defence of liberty, fraternity and larceny in the 1848 Paris uprising. For Dodger, life as a criminal kingpin is losing its allure. Leading a gang of petty thieves from the Seven Dials is not as easy as Fagin made it look and after a year in charge Jack Dawkins has been reduced to a shadow of the man who used to be the envy of every pickpocket in London. Opium-addicted and heavy-fingered, Dodger is fast becoming a laughing stock on his own patch until a chance encounter leads him to Paris and a job like nothing he's had before.

In a city alive with rebellion, Dodger must avoid assassins, jilted lovers and revolutionaries, and rediscover his touch if he is to lift his most precious treasure yet.