Ian Pattison

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Ian Pattison, the creator of Rab C. Nesbitt, has written novels, plays and also writes for television. He lives and works in Glasgow. His newest novel, UNHAPPY-GO-LUCKY, was published by Serpent's Tail in April 2013.


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Serpent's Tail

Ivan Moss sets aside his heartless streak and his weakness for the Merlot to give time to his ailing mother and her final hospital appointments. But if he hoped for a fund of fond memories from his mother, then she is reluctant to oblige. Her account of a wild marriage and divorce with his father, an ex-merchant sailor grocer, 'the Joseph Conrad of Spam', brings Ivan to confront his own tough childhood in Govan and an even worse adolescence in an outlying estate. Mother and son hilariously continue their bitter-sweet tussles to come as painfully close as they are capable of being in this funniest of Glasgow love stories.


Black and White

LOOKING AT THE STARS follows the fortunes of a forty-something one time screen writer who now reads scripts for a living. Discontented with drunken evenings touring Glasgow's West End, Tucker dreams of pastures greener. Murder and the theft of a promising script offer a passage to Hollywood and happiness. Tucker cannot resist. His forrays in Glasgow and then LA draw comically upon themes of failure, ambition and, ultimately, hollow success.



A SWEET AND TENDER HOOLIGAN is a comic yet emotive account of a young man's journey through the ranks of criminal society in Glasgow. Ultimately, it chronicles his years of intimate involvement with the gangster realm and the life that emerges after his villainous career ends.



Rab C. Nesbitt, in his inimitable style, recounts in full and hilarious detail his life story. A tireless stream of philosophical ramblings describe his unique evolution from foetus to father.


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PLAY : Psychiatrist RD Laing and his troubled relationship with his daughters.

I, Tommy

PLAY : A full length comedy drama featuring the rise and fall of the Scottish firebrand politician Tommy Sheridan.

A Terrible Beauty

PLAY : The last days of Irish Free State Commander Michael Collins.