Harriet Lynas

Children's Author/Illustrator

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Associate Agent: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Harriet Lynas is an award-winning children’s book illustrator living in Cambridge with her husband and their son. Her passion for drawing started around the age of seven when she was given a series of beautifully illustrated Italian fairytales called ‘The Fiabe Sonore’.

As a child, she was a big fan of Studio Ghibli animations and later she developed a taste for mid-century style illustrations whilst studying Graphic Design at University.

Harriet’s inspiration comes from random things like marvellous fossils in the Sedgwick Museum or a cone of pistachio gelato on a hot summer day.

Latest Publication:

This Love: A Celebration of Harmony Around the World (7th March 2019, Caterpillar Books)

It doesn't matter who we are, 
join hands and stand up tall.
Love is a special language
that's understood by all.

Love is understood and shared by people all around the world. Whether playing with friends or sharing a special moment with family – love can unite us all.