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Georgina Lawton is a 'twentysomething' journalist and speaker. A former Guardian Weekend columnist, she is now a freelancer contributor for the paper, and also writes for a number of other publications such as: The Independent, Stylist, gal-dem, Travel + Leisure, VICE, Time Out London and more. She is also a broadcaster and host of the Audible podcast The Secrets In Us.

Upcoming publications:

RACELESS - Sphere (UK) and HarperCollins (US) - 4th February 2021

'Twenty-six years ago, I was born to white parents with no explanation as to why I looked black. Seeking answers has been an incredible journey, taking place against the backdrop of a country that routinely marginalizes and overlooks the stories of black and brown people.'

In Georgina Lawton's childhood home, her blackness was never acknowledged; the obvious fact of her mixed-race heritage was simply ignored. It was only when her beloved father died, when Georgina was just 22 years old, that the complex truth began to emerge. In the years since, Georgina has been on a personal journey to discover her own heritage and to connect with the black British culture she had no exposure to growing up. In doing so, she has found her own story mirrored in those of countless people of colour whose identity has been questioned, denied or erased. Raceless, Georgina's first book, is both the compelling personal account of a young women seeking her own story amid devastating family secrets, and a fascinating, challenging and essential examination of racial identity in modern Britain.

BLACK GIRLS TAKE THE WORLD: The Travel Bible for Black Women with a Severe Case of Wanderlust - Hardie Grant Travel - March 2021

Black Girls Take World is the global travel bible for young women of colour. Packed full of insider knowledge, travel tips and tricks, plus advice on how to handle the pros and cons of travelling when you stand out, this book is the perfect accompaniment for adventurous women with a serious case of wanderlust.

Chapters include 'Why you deserve to travel' and 'How not to travel like a basic bitch', and there are also recommendations for DNA heritage tours, the top 5s for solo travel, advice on how to travel ethically, plus self-care tips to stay safe and deal with micro-aggressions abroad.

Writer and avid traveller Georgina Lawton incorporates her own unique travel experiences, as well as Q&As with other black female travel pioneers. As black travel continues to grow as a collective movement across the world, Black Girls Take World is essential reading for curious travellers seeking both adventure and solace.

Features illustrations by Detroit artist Rachelle Baker.