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Agent: Ariella Feiner
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


Francesca Armour-Chelu grew up by the Suffolk Coast. She studied English and Drama at Goldsmiths and went on to work in museum education and public libraries.
Her experience of living on water meadows in an abandoned Edwardian railway carriage inspired her novel, FENN HALFIN AND THE FEARZERO, which was short-listed for the Mslexia Children’s Novel Competition and in the Children's category at the 2016 East Anglian Book Awards, and longlisted for the Little Rebels Award.  Her novel LEMON INK OVER FLAME was short-listed for the Tibor Jones Pageturner Prize 2013 and her short story THE STARVING GHOST won the Mslexia Short Story Competition 2013. 
Upcoming Publication:
Sisters Tansy and Belle are the stars of the grand finale of a circus show; a dazzling and perfectly timed trapeze act where they soar through the air like shimmering butterflies. One night, desperate to impress her older sister, Tansy attempts a spectacular jump and falls. Now terrified of heights, all Tansy can do is watch from below while Belle shines above. But when Belle mysteriously vanishes and Tansy’s shadow miraculously comes to life, Tansy discovers that the courage she needs to rescue her sister may have been inside her all along.
Current Publication:
The thrilling conclusion to the epic Fenn Halflin series, perfect for readers of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl. Fenn Halflin is on the run from the brutal Terra Firma. His survival depends on finding the last of the Resistance, said to be hiding in an ancient, flooded forest. Accompanied by his faithful mongoose, Tikki, Fenn must embark on a journey that will take him deep into the treacherous marsh and closer to the secrets of his past. But as the water levels continue to rise, his mission to unite the Seaborn people has never been more desperate.
Shortlisted for the Mslexia Children's Novel Competition.
Shortlisted for the Children's Award at the 2016 East Anglian Book Awards.
Longlisted for the 2017 Branford Boase Award.
Longlisted for the New Angle Prize 2017.


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Fenn Halflin and the Fearzero


Walker Books

In a world that has been ravaged by flooding, Fenn Halflin learns the truth about his past - a secret that forces him to flee the safety of his home as he is chased across the vast sea by the ruthless Terra Firma and their cold-blooded leader, Chilstone. Finding shelter on a decaying island, Fenn is taken in by child survivors in hiding, and he begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the Terra Firma, who will stop at nothing to find him. But as Chilstone's dreaded Fearzero ship appears on the horizon, and the water levels continue to rise, it seems that Fenn's hopes of escape will be washed away for ever.