Emma Dibdin

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Emma Dibdin is a journalist who writes about television and the arts.  She has been an editor at Hearst for four years, and her work has appeared in EsquireMarie ClaireHarper’s BazaarCosmopolitanTotal Film, and Indiewire.  Born and raised in Oxford, she currently lives in New York City. 

THE ROOM BY THE LAKE​ - Head of Zeus, August 2017

Faced with a bad situation – and one that’s only getting worse – who hasn’t ever wanted just to up-sticks and go?  Stuff some clothes in a bag, grab the passport and head for Heathrow? Find a place where your troubles can’t find you – somewhere you can disappear.  In a split second that’s what Caitlin Moss chooses to do one midsummer evening, but without intending to disappear forever.

And where better for a new start, a new story, than New York?  The city in the summer heat is full of people who don’t belong there, all looking for something, anything, to attach to.  And when Caitlin’s at her lowest and most lonely, and soon down to her bottom dollars, she finds Jake.  Jake is perfect – handsome, smart, funny, and a  little damaged round the edges; and it seems Caitlin is exactly what he’s been looking  for too.  How could she not fall in love with him? And how after a perfect few days, could she resist Jake taking her out of the city, borrowing a car from a friend, and heading to his parents’ cabin upstate?  Fresh air and a fresh perspective will do Caitlin good, get her head straight, clear out her mind, wash it clean…

Waking up in the perfect calm of a sun-kissed lakeside house with Jake (so much grander than the holiday cabin she expected) is almost too good to be true.  Caitlin’s problems, her past, and the person she used to be, all seem so far away.  But when, within minutes, that perfect calm is shattered, and events race away from her, Caitlin can’t know just how close to being lost forever she really is. 

Precise, chilling, and whip-smart, THE ROOM BY THE LAKE is English journalist Emma Dibdin’s first novel.