David O'Connell

Children's Author/Illustrator

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David OConnell


Assistant: Emily Talbot
Assistant: Molly Jamieson


David O'Connell is a writer and illustrator, although he's had several jobs in the past including mad scientist, cub reporter and robot wrangler. Living in south London, he takes inspiration from the eccentric and colourful citizens inhabiting the big city and fills sketchbooks with their faces and stories (real or dreamed up). He now has so many characters running around in his imagination he is considering charging them rent.

David's first book was 'Monster & Chips', the first of a series of funny (and revolting) adventures of 'hooman' Joe Shoe whilst working at the Monster Diner of friendly monster Fuzzby Bixington. He then collaborated with the brilliant Sarah McIntyre on the picture book 'Jampires', inspired by a comic they improvised together - a comic 'jam'!

Latest Publication:

WHEN I'M A MONSTER LIKE YOU DAD (2nd June 2016, Harper Collins Children's Books)

Monstrous fun with Dad from an exciting new author and illustrator team!

Every little monster wants to be just like daddy – big and strong and oh so scary! But while being a grown-up is fun, being small can be just as exciting, as little monster is about to find out…

A joyous and heartwarming story of family love and playing together, from an exciting new pair of talents.

Upcoming Publications:

WHEN I'M A MUMMY LIKE YOU (9th February 2016, Harper Collins Children's Books)

It must be AMAZING to be a mummy!

Every child wants to be just like their mummy and do all the exciting things that grown-ups do. But is being a mummy really that much fun? Or can being small be just as special? Maybe they can both be wonderful, if you do them together…