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Film, TV & Theatre

Assistant : Florence Hyde

Film, TV & Theatre

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"Dave Beauchamp is the complete package director – quite simply he is a delight to work with. He has a fantastic eye, understands story and respects the script. He is calm and unflappable under pressure; he sets a lovely tone that permeates throughout the set to cast and crew as he leads from the front. But the most impressive thing about Dave is his enthusiasm for directing, he simply loves what he does and I was always really pleased with the results."
Caroline Brittain - Producer – BBC Casualty

“I employed Dave Beauchamp as a Director on Hollyoaks. Dave has a fantastic eye, always brings something
unexpected to the table and is a delight to work with. He is a creative director who understands the importance
of character and story and he brings a beauty to his episodes… commands a great deal of respect from everyone.
He deals with tough schedules and frequent changes calmly… I was always delighted with his work.”
Lucy Martin - Producer - Hollyoaks

"Hollyoaks is an incredibly demanding show for both artists and crew. What makes it a joy to work on are the
new film makers I get to work with like Dave Beauchamp. Even under intense pressure… he always works calmly
and quietly ensuring you have everything you need to achieve the best from the scene. His enthusiasm and
excitement for the work are infectious… some of the best scenes I did were with Dave and I can't wait to work
with him again."
Jeff Rawl (Drop the Dead Donkey/Harry Potter) - 'Silas' - Hollyoaks





ITV Studios

8 episodes

The Dumping Ground

2017 - 2018


8 episodes


2013 - 2017


36 episodes
Produced by Mike Hobson, Caroline Brittain, Peter Bullock, Sandra McIver, Carol Harding, Natasha Carlish, Dawn Coulson


2014 - 2016


7 episodes including 2016 Christmas and New Year specials
Produced by Erika Hossington & Caroline Brittain

Father Brown



4 episodes
Produced by Caroline Brittain & Will Trotter

WPC 56



2 episodes, series finale
Produced by Mike Hobson & Will Trotter


2009 - 2013

Channel 4

65 episodes
Produced by Lime Pictures & Channel 4/various

Short Films


Fresh Meat


Logic Films

Shortlisted ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Rushes Soho Short Film Festival 2009.
Official Selection - Short Film Corner at Cannes International Film Festival 2009.
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009.
BBC Film Network Official Selection.

Waving at Cars


Logic Films / UKFC / Northwest Vision & Media

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009.
BBC Film Network Official Selection.

Easy Money


Lime Pictures / Logic Films


Official selection for the Challenge ALEXA Directors UK competition
Password: canigohomenow