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Catherine writes books to spark questions, inspire curiosity and provoke action to protect the natural world. After campaigning with Greenpeace for years, she trained as a journalist and became Editor at the Natural History Museum, writing exhibitions. She wrote her first book The Story of Life (in collaboration with the Museum) after searching in vain for a simple science book about evolution for her children. It was shortlisted for The English Association Picture Book Award and long listed for the School Library Association Information Book Awards in 2016.

She has now written over 20 nonfiction picture books and is a proud Patron of Reading of a local school on the Welsh borders. Catherine visits schools around the UK to run workshops on evolution, endangered species and many other issues that have inspired her books.

Upcoming Publications:

A TURTLE'S VIEW OF THE OCEAN BLUE (15th April 2021, Laurence King Publishing)

Dive into this stunning guide that explores the underwater world, its wildlife, the challenges it's facing and how you can help to protect it.

Join your sea turtle guide as you navigate every inch of our oceans, from the sunlit surface to the deepest, darkest depths.

This beautiful book will help you explore the five oceans on our planet, meeting the creatures who live there and finding out just how their incredible surroundings work. From tides and currents, to migrations and conservation, see our oceans in action and learn how you can help to save them. This is a great follow-up to the very successful A Cat's Guide to the Night Sky, as it introduces young readers to our oceans, the underwater wildlife and the natural phenomena that take place as well as discussing the challenges we're currently facing and what we can do to help save our big blue world. The book contains a glossary and is suitable for children aged 6+.

FOURTEEN WOLVES (15th April 2021, Bloomsbury)

In fairy tales, the wolf's cry makes people shudder. They've been hunted, captured. But the wolf carries a wild magic - a magic that once restored a barren land.

When wolves disappeared from Yellowstone Park in the 1930s, the ecosystem started to collapse. Enormous herds of elk swarmed the plains, bears starved, rabbit families shrunk and birds flew away to new homes. Plants vanished, trees withered and rivers meandered.

Until in 1995, wolves returned to the park and everything began to change for the better. This is the story of their homecoming.

With atmospheric storytelling from Catherine Barr and breathtakingly beautiful artwork by Jenni Desmond, this inspiring true story shows that every species plays an important part in protecting our planet.

Latest Publications:

THE STORY OF CLIMATE CHANGE (2nd March 2021, Frances Lincoln)

Combining history with science, this book charts the changes in our Earth’s climate, from the beginnings of the planet and its atmosphere, to the Industrial revolution and the dawn of machinery. You'll learn all about the causes of climate change, such as factory farming and pollution, and the effects that climate change has on humans and animals across the world. As well as discovering the effects of global warming, you'll discover practical ways we can work together to solve it, from using renewable energy to swapping meat for vegetables in our diet.

ECO WARRIOR (5th October 2020, Haynes)

All life on Earth relies on the natural world to survive. We depend on nature for our health, food and most of our medicines. We depend on healthy ecosystems and natural resources for our homes and modern lives. But humans have become greedy and are taking too much from the Earth, this is unsustainable. This book offers concerned young people everything they need for becoming effective eco warriors. From exploring the big issues to discovering amazing and inspiring individuals and campaigns, each chapter shows how making tiny changes can start to make a big difference.

THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE PLANET (29th April 2020, Pearson)

Life on the beautiful blue planet is good for the creature who lives there. But the creature is so busy that it doesn’t notice some big problems looming. Can it come up with a plan to keep the blue planet beautiful forever?

THE BOY AND THE PANGOLIN (29th April 2020, Pearson)

After school one day, a small curious boy slips into the forest to discover the cause of a strange sound. He soon realises that the sound means danger for all the animals who live there - including the shy pangolin. How can one small boy make the whole world listen to save the pangolin's home?

HOW COLOUR WORKS (5th March 2020, Egmont Publishing)

Simple, fascinating science behind colour in the natural world for younger readers.

THE STORY OF INVENTIONS (3rd March 2020, Lincoln Children's Books)

Following The Story of Space, The Story of People, this will be the fourth in this popular series.

50 REASONS TO LOVE ENDANGERED SPECIES (7th April 2020, Lincoln Children's Books in partnership with Natural History Museum)

There are so many reasons to love animals: lions have magnificent shaggy manes, penguins go tobogganing on their tummies, bears wiggle and dance as they scratch, whales sing songs, and elephants can feel sadness. But all the animals in this book especially need our love – now more than ever. Learn about their habitats, what makes them special, and show them you care with simple activities you can do at home.

INVISIBLE NATURE (1st April 2020, OtterBarry Books)

An exciting exploration of the natural world beyond human senses… from ultraviolet to ultrasound, find out how animals as well as people use strange colours and natural forces.


The paperback edition, with a vibrant new red cover!

10 REASONS TO LOVE... series (Lincoln Children's Books in partnership with the Natural History Museum)

Penguins, Turtles, Whales, Bears, Lions, Elephants.

Aimed at 5 years + these books inspire children in classrooms to understand, ask questions, wonder why and take actions to help save different animal species.

RED ALERT! (8th March 2018, Otter-Barry Books)

Including the extraordinary pangolin, the great blue whale and the slippery Chinese salamander, this interactive book encourages children with lots of ideas of how to help protect endangered species.


Catherine is also co-author of the STORY OF... series (Lincoln Children's Books)

The Story Of series by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams is ideal for introducing primary school children to some big topics. So far, the series includes The Story of People, The Story of Life, The Story of Inventions and The Story of Space. Click here for online STORY OF... resources