Caroline Butler


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Lady C was born and educated in South London. At James Allen's Girls' School the Home Economics teacher foresaw her "career" as a "raconteur", which may, or may not, be the same as writing "will come to no good", but she is trying. After graduating from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art she postponed indefinitely a career as a movie star in order to host a smokey bar. This was clearly the right thing to do. Never knowingly underdressed, she founded a record label, Partisan, and music publishing company, Partisan Songs although she prefers to sing other people's doleful old ditties herself. She has managed the career of various artists, some of whom even enjoyed success. She worked variously for both indie and major record companies. She once gave evidence to the House of Lords regarding the music industry and lectures on the subject at the University of Westminster. Further to the advice of Mark Twain she is fortunate, if not yet rich, to have made her vocation a vacation. She lives in Brixton.