Ben Jeapes


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Agent: Robert Kirby
Associate Agent: Kate Walsh


Ben Jeapes has seven science fiction and fantasy novels of his own published, and has co-authored or ghost-written over 30 novels and story collections for children and young adults. He is also an experienced journal editor, book publisher and technical writer.

His ambition is to live to be 101 and 7 months, so as to reach the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and the arrival - as family lore has it - of the man responsible for his surname in the British Isles. He is English, and is as quietly proud of the fact as you would expect of the descendant of a Danish mercenary who fought for a bunch of Norsemen living in northern France.

He lives in Abingdon-on-Thames and his homepage is at



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Time's Chariot


Random House

"His last thought, as the stun charges lanced through him and he felt his body arch and then start its slow, dreamlike tumble down the stairs, was:

What did I do wrong?"

Rico Garron is in trouble --­ again. What starts out as a routine expedition back to five thousand BC, turns into the first murder investigation for hundreds of years. A complex spiral of subterfuge, intrigue and powerplay begins to unravel, and now the entire future of the world is at stake . .

The Vampire Plagues: Mexico



Ben, Jack and Emily are in a race against time. They must find the final part of the golden amulet before Camazotz, the vampire god, gets his claws on it. With the completed amulet, Camazotz will rule the world - and the human race will be reduced to prey. Three children stand in his way...

The Vampire Plagues: Paris



London docks, twilight, 1850...Twelve-year-old Jack Harkett sees a huge ship sail into port. he also sees a flock of black creatures fly from the ship and disappear over the streets of London. He waits in the shadows, intending to board the ship in search of food, or money or anything he can sell. Instead he meets a boy of his own age...running for his life! Thus streetwise Jack meets the more bookish Benedict and the two become firm friends - and co-conspirators. Ben has seen and heard horrific things. Jack is fascinated by his story and determined to prevent similar things happening in his own city. Together they seek to defeat Camazotz - the vampiric bat god who destroyed the Mayan civilization that destroyed him. But Jack is a street urchin and Ben is an orphan. They have no one to turn to, and nothing to rely on but their wits and each other. Together, they face the Vampire Plagues...

The Vampire Plagues: London



"The ship reached the dockside just as the sun finally vanished. Suddenly a great black cloud seemed to billow up from the deck. It swooped straight at Jack and he fell backwards off the bollard with a yell. Black creatures, large as crows, swarmed only feet overhead. They were bats, hundreds of them, the largest he had ever seen..." The bats aren't the only things to leave the ship that foggy, London night in 1850. A small, frightened figure scurries down the gangplank and staggers on to the docks. Ben has been on board for the whole voyage and what he has seen will haunt him for the rest of his life. Jack befriends him and listens to his story. It's a wild, outlandish tale of archaeology, superstition and a strange, fatal sickness. As the two boys talk, little do they know what they face. London is falling into the terrifying grip of the vampire plagues and only they can prevent its total destruction...Catch Vampire Plagues - the series will be with you for life...

The New World Order


Random House

History will never be the same again...

England 1645. The civil war between King Charles I and Parliament that has cut a bloody swathe across the country is nearing its conclusion.

But the march of history is not quite as it seems for there is an entirely alien force at work and the world has turned onto a new and deadly path. The Holekhor are steadily infiltrating England, bringing their ability to command mysterious forces and a superior technology that should not have been seen for another three hundred years.

The Xenocide Mission


Random House

Space opera is back with a bang! Lieutenant Joel Gilmore is part of a space observation team who find themselves attacked by the very aliens they are watching. It becomes a race against time for their fellow soldiers to rescue them, but in doing so, they unlock the shocking secrets of the solar system. With thrilling action sequences and brilliantly-characterised aliens, this science-fiction novelist is a one to watch - but be careful of the aliens. These are not Star Trek aliens with altered faces, but a glimpse of what really might be out there-

His Majesty's Starship



Captaining HMS Ark Royal, as part of Earth''s first interstellar delegation, should be an honour. But try telling that to Michael Gilmore - his passengers are a nightmare, his crew is close to mutiny, and its just possible they're all heading into a trap.


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Phoenicia's Worlds



La Nueva Temporada is Earth’s only extrasolar colony – an Earth-type planet caught in the grip of a very Earth-type Ice Age. Alex Mateo wants nothing more than to stay and contribute to the terraforming of his homeworld. But tragedy strikes the colony, and to save it from starvation and collapse Alex must reluctantly entrust himself to the only starship in existence to make the long, slower than light journey back to Earth.
But it is his brother Quin, who loathes La Nueva Temporada and all the people on it, who must watch his world collapse around him and become its ultimate saviour.