Alex McKenzie


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Film, TV & Theatre

Agent: Giles Smart
Assistant: Ellie Byrne

Film, TV & Theatre

Alex began his writing career in the mid-nineties and soon joined forces with Ridley Scott developing two feature film screenplays across a single year. 

FROZEN MUSIC was the first, a story about an ambitious architect selling his soul to achieve greatness, against the backdrop of the 'South Sea Bubble' financial crisis in early 18th Century England. The second SAVAGE HEART, sees a fur trapper chasing the murderer of his wife across the frozen wastes of Canada. A third screenplay quickly followed, CAROLINE, which had director Mike Hodges officially attached. 

Alex’s other passion of interior design soon exploded and he made the bold choice in deciding to temporarily withdraw from screenwriting. A huge American contract developed, catalysed by designing The Mark Hotel in New York, which then launched a successful international design brand, for many years. Alex continued writing throughout his design years privately and has now made the decision of taking it up as a fully focused career again. 

An original series, DELIRIUM, is one of several projects currently in development with Renaissance.