Abigail Balfe

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Abigail is a London-based writer, illustrator and creative producer. Original storytelling has always been at the heart of Abigail’s career and she has spent a decade leading social media campaigns for some of the biggest TV & entertainment clients in the world. Abigail also used to perform stand-up comedy and won several tiny trophies for her onstage humour; which involved life-size illustrations, ridiculous songs and rambling stories about her family.

Abigail has now decided to tell a few more of her own stories, via words and pictures in books for children.

When she is not writing and drawing (or posting on Instagram about writing and drawing) Abigail likes spending time in nature, baking vegan cakes and cuddling her pet guinea pigs/crystals.

Abigail is a graduate of Cambridge School of Art’s MA Children’s Book Illustration.