Nailing It - sequel to the hilarious Winging It - by Anna Jefferson published today


Nailing It, the sequal to Anna Jefferson's hilarious 2019 hit Winging It, is published today by Orion.

Faking it.
Breaking it.
Hating it.
Loving it...

This is motherhood.

Emily is raising two tiny feminists, building her freelance career and navigating life as a newly single mum - and feels like she's failing horribly.

Tania just wants her other half to do his fair share - as long as it's done her way. But being right isn't nearly as much as fun as being in it together...

Helen has almost got family life sorted: a routine that suits them all, most days. Until her own mum turns up and turns calm into chaos.

Sometimes being a mum is the hardest job in the world. So can these three friends fake it till they make it?

Reader reviews for WINGING IT:

'A frank and funny look at motherhood' *****
'I didn't want to put this down!' *****
'From page one she had me hooked' *****
'Loved, loved, loved this book' *****
'It has been a long time since I laughed (and cried!) so much at a book' *****


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