100 x 100 - UA Books Submissions

100 x 100

 10am Monday 9th August - 10am Tuesday 10th August


For 24 hours, United Agents Books Department will be holding an Open House submissions window to encourage submissions from groups that are under-represented in the creative industries.

We guarantee that 100 – randomly allocated – submissions will receive a minimum of 100 words of personalised feedback from a member of the books department.

Whilst we cannot guarantee representation, we hope to provide insight and expertise to encourage prospective writers.

We so look forward to hearing from you.

To apply:

During the 24 hour period, email the open house email address: onehundred@unitedagents.co.uk

Please attach:

  •  Cover letter - use this to tell us about yourself, tell us about your book - e.g., genre, whether it’s non-fic/fic, where you see it in the market
  • Synopsis
  • Three chapters/first 50 pages

We welcome fiction and non-fiction for the adult and children’s markets. Please note that we are unable to accept screenplays or poetry.


Terms and Conditions:

This opportunity is only open to writers from groups that are under-represented in the creative industries. This includes, but is not limited to, Black, Asian and ethnically diverse candidates, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ writers, and individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Any entrants who were not randomly allocated to receive personalised feedback will receive an email confirming that they did not make it this time around, and be encouraged to try again during the next Open House event or submit through normal channels.

Once an entrant has been given feedback, we ask that they not submit to future Open House events.

General submissions remain open. For more information, see: Submission Guidelines | United Agents

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