DC Endeavour Morse made a very welcome return to the nation's television screens this Sunday, 8th January, with the first episode in the fourth series of ENDEAVOUR airing on ITV. With production design by Alison Butler and feauturing James Laurenson as Professor George Amory, the 90-minute premiere episode (airing two days after the 30th anniversary of Inspector Morse's first ever appearance on our screens) saw Endeavour facing his toughest case yet with a spate of people being drowned by persons unknown.

The second episode, which airs this Sunday, 15th January, at 8pm on ITV, was directed by Michael Lennox and features Rebecca Lacey as Mrs Finch. The third, airing Sunday 22nd January, was shot by Magni Ágústsson and features Phoebe Nicholls as Caroline Bryce-Morgan, and the fourth and final episode in the series, with additional editing by Jamie Pearson, was shot by Ed Rutherford and features Christopher Coghill as Seth Chattox.

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