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Toby Clements worked for many years as a journalist and was the literary editor of a national newspaper for ten years before becoming a full-time writer. He lives in London with his wife and three children.  KINGDOM COME, is the fourth in his Kingmaker series, set during England’s Wars of the Rose


“Superb.  Clements is interested in the ways in which small lives are buffeted about by history … so convincing on the detail of his characters’ lives that it is difficult to believe that he never walked in the brutal, messy world he conjures up on the page.” Book of the Month, The Times

“It is the most enthralling kind of historical fiction, and the most honest, condescending neither to the past not to its reader; its mix of the savage and the tender, the wistful and the pragmatic allows full humanity to its characters. The past, here, is imagined with energy, with ferocity, with hunger to engage. Toby Clements’s intensive research and comprehensive understanding are absorbed into the flow of a powerful adventure story that fully inhabits the world of the late middle ages: its texture, its scents, its taste, its patterns of piety, its bleak acknowledgement of sudden and premature death. Kingmaker: Winter Pilgrims carries total conviction. This is what it is like to be friendless on the roads of England, civil war raging around you, your past confiscated, your future a blank, the only certainty God’s judgment and the weapon in your hand.” Hilary Mantel 

“Fans of Tudor history in search of a post-Mantel fix will be intrigued … Clements’s storytelling is evocative and direct”   Independent

“Toby Clements captures the grimness, grit and grime of 15th-century life, but with compassion and humanity, as seen through the eyes of common people ... period detail is wonderfully accurate as are the set piece skirmishes and bloodbath at Towton.” Daily Mail

“It is Clements’s ability to excite both tender emotions and a capacity for bloodthirstiness that has allowed him to achieve what Shakespeare couldn’t manage, and spin a consistently enthralling story out of the Wars of the Roses.” Daily Telegraph

“Magnificent. An historical tour de force, revealing Clements to be a novelist every bit as good as Cornwell, Gregory or Iggulden. Kingmaker is the best book I’ve read this year by some margin.” Ben Kane, author of The Forgotten Legion
“It’s amazing … there’s a real sense of time and place, and real immersion in the period, real rounded characters, with utterly plausible lives.” Manda Scott

"Searingly good ... Immersive historical fiction at its best" 

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The recent tensions between King Edward and his great ally the Earl of Warwick lie forgotten these past months, but even as winter tightens her grip on the land, the peace is shattered by a vicious attack on one of the King’s allies.

Long buried secrets are brought to the surface, and Thomas and Katherine must finally decide where their loyalties lie and to choose between fight or flight, knowing either choice will incur a terrible price.

From Lincoln to Bruges, from Barnet to the great battle at Tewkesbury, both must play their part in one of the most savage wars in history.

The wars of the roses.



An enthralling adventure story, honest and powerful. The Wars of the Roses are imagined here with energy, with ferocity, with hunger to engage the reader". (Hilary Mantel). Lent, 1469. The recent wars between the House of York and the House of Lancaster seem over. The Yorkist King Edward sits on his throne in Westminster, while the Lancastrian claimants are in exile or under lock and key in the Tower. But within the family of York there is discord. The Earl of Warwick conspires against his King, and while to one another's faces they are all smiles, their household men speak in lies and whispers. No man comes to court unarmed. Thomas and Katherine have returned to Marton Hall, the only home they know. But what lies buried in the past cannot remain so for long, and soon they are forced to take up arms once more in one of the most savage wars in history. The Wars of the Roses...



England: October, 1463.

The great slaughter of the battle of Towton is two years past, but England is still not at peace. The Northern Parts of the land remain in the hands of the Lancastrian king, while in the south, the princes of the house of York prepare for war.

Uneasy alliances are forged and just as quickly broken: a friend one day might be your enemy the next, and through this land, pursued by the Church and the Law, a young man, Thomas, and a young woman, Katherine, must make their way, bearing proof of a secret both sides would kill to learn.

Bent on revenge for a past outrage, Thomas and Katherine must turn their backs on their friends and journey to the mighty castle of Bamburgh, there to join a weakened king as he marshals his army to take up arms in one of the most savage civil wars in history: the Wars of the Roses



February, 1460: in the bitter dawn of a winter’s morning a young nun is caught outside her priory walls by a corrupt knight and his vicious retinue.

In the fight that follows, she is rescued by a young monk and the knight is defeated. But the consequences are far-reaching, and Thomas and Katherine are expelled from their religious Orders and forced to flee across a land caught in the throes of one of the most savage and bloody civil wars in history: the Wars of the Roses.

Their flight will take them across the Narrow Sea to Calais where Thomas picks up his warbow, and trains alongside the Yorkist forces. Katherine, now dressed as a man, hones her talents for observation and healing both on and off the fields of battle. And all around them, friends and enemies fight and die as the future Yorkist monarch, Edward, Earl of March, and his adviser the Earl of Warwick, later to become known as the Kingmaker, prepare to do bloody battle.

Encompassing the battles of Northampton, Mortimer's Cross and finally the great slaughter of Towton, this is war as experienced not by the highborn nobles of the land but by ordinary men and women who do their best just to stay alive. Filled with strong, sympathetic characters, this is a must-read series for all who like their fiction action-packed, heroic and utterly believable.